About the SCB

The Solar Bear Challenge (SBC) is a fun way for motovloger's to get on their Motorbike in winter, assuming you live in a warmer climate. In 2010-2011, RC62 moderated the first SBC, the objective was to spell out the word "Solar Bear" by finding street signs that begin with particular letters. More info at RC62 YouTube and the SBC site.

What if I live in a very cold climate

The SBC runs almost parallel to the Polar Bear Challenge PBC, please see the official PBC web site by following this link:

Polar Bear Challenge

The Solar Bear Challenge III


Welcome to Solar Bear 3 The extremely fruity addition!

2012 - 2013


The WINNER : gloverintl


For the 3rd year, the SBC is back for 2012 - 2013

Challenge Dates:

Start Date: December 1st 2012
End Date: February 28th 2013

New judge is GingeRbiker82


So are you up for some fun? Ginger style!
9 fruity challenges, all you have to do is find a sign (road/street/business) to tick of the 1st letter of that fruit ;) easy?? I think so!
But what about challenge 10?
Well that’s a free for all GINGER Root (“G” and best vid wins extra prize draw ticket) It can be any item starting with G!!!! ANYTHING!!!!! Goat, Gate, or a Great white shark ect ect


e.g "1 = strawberry, so STOP sign OR Star street OR Sport depo, all are OK


Any comments or questions please direct them to me in the contact form.