Challenge Name

  • Solar Bear Challenge (SBC)

Challenge Dates

Format: DD MM YY
  • Start Date: 01/12/2012
  • End Date: 28/02/2013



Note: As I am the sole arbiter, I reserve the right to make changes to the rules and requirements as necessary.


The ultimate point of the challenge is to have fun, in a safe environment.



  • Fruity signs tend to be in places that are unsafe to stop, the road signs, street name, business name only need to be clearly pointed out in the video, then stop in a safe place. If I deem that you have stopped in an unsafe place you will be immediately disqualified.
  • You must ride a motorcycle or scooter (trikes and quads OK) and have posted at least one YouTube video riding and vlogging
  • You must not be a participating member of the Polar Bear Challenge to qualify for prizes but any moto-vlogger is welcome to post SBC vids for fun
  • You must contact me and let me know you posted a challenge video, via the Contact Form
  • It is your responsibility to make sure I have acknowledged your video
  • Although not a requirement, you should post your videos as a response to the main challenge video




  • Search for the 10 fruity road signs, , street name, business name that start with a fruit name e.g "1 = strawberry, so STOP sign OR Star street/road/avenue, OR Sport depo, all are OK, then park your bike in a SAFE place !
  • Signs need to be completed in order, 1 to 9
  • Example: Film a STOP sign, sign must be clearly shown in the video and point out that this is the sign you want, you should say the name out loud. If you are after a speed limit sign, say the name out loud, and ride past it.
  • Each video must be unique (you can’t use the same vid for two or more road signs, street name, business name)
  • Once you find a matching road signs, street name, business name, you must park your bike nearby (only when and where it is safe to do so) and run, or walk around your bike OR the sign (if Safe) 3 times while chanting loudly “Solar Bear”, “Solar Bear”, “Solar Bear”
  • Post only one road signs, street name, business name match per video
  • Only one video per day will count toward challenge matching (you can hit multiple signs on the same day but they must be posted as separate and unique 3 min videos on different days)
  • Minimum 5 rides to qualify for prize drawing (5 different road signs, street name, business name)
  • Each video must be at least 3 minutes long excluding intros
  • Road marking do not count as signs.